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Electric Boiler Heating Elements



Electric heating elements are one of the most crucial components in an electric boiler system. Replacing your heating element properly can save money, time, and undesired safety issues. The best way is get a Reimers replacement element that fits your boiler. Reimers staff can quickly determine the part number and have one or more in route within hours.

When people try to save money or do not want to wait to get the proper element they may neglect to consider :

What is the watt density?

What alloy is the element?

What temperature will the heating element reach?

What sort of fusing or amp load is required?

What is the required voltage?

Is the element UL or CSA safety tested?

Is the flange ASME code fabrication?

Does it maintain the boiler warranty?

Does it void insurance coverage?

Not having the right heating element can lead to serious safety risks. Having the appropriate heating element prevents serious safety consequences and lost operation time

Perhaps your concern is a Reimers element is more expensive than an alternative inferior element.Reimers costs over time will be lower, saving money over the operational life of the heater.

When all components of an industrial heating system are compatible, the system works at optimal efficiency and doesn’t degrade as quickly as a system without ideal components.   

Do not risk your safety, the facility, or your livelihood.   Call Reimers and discuss the proper fix for your boiler.  


Kevin Clemmer 05-Mar-2018
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