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Why Select an "Electric Boiler"

An electric boiler is a large water tank with an inlet and outlet. Within that large tank is an array of electric heating elements. Electricity comes from the main power supply and passes through those heating elements at very high temperatures. When those electric elements are heated up, water passes over them and warms up. When the water reaches a high enough temperature an electric pump moves the water from the boiler through the outlet. The inlet takes in cool water to be warmed up by the boiler before being sent out once again. Steam boilers work in a similar way bringing in water and releasing steam.

Gas Boilers vs Electric Boiler Installation
Gas boilers can be quite expensive to put in, especially if you don’t have a gas line running already. Running a gas line is a big undertaking that you will pay dearly for. Fortunately electricity is run to most facilities. That means that an electrical line won’t have to be run. It will simply have to be wired up to existing lines and you can benefit from the boiler almost immediately. This means that electric boilers are more affordable to have installed.

Energy Efficient – Electric Boilers
Electric boilers are more efficient than boilers that run on gas because no exhaust flue is needed. When gases are burnt some waste gas is produced and this has to be released outside. Along with those waste gases that are released goes some of the heat from the boiler as well, this is wasted energy. Since electric boilers don’t creates waste gases no flue exists and nearly all the created heat is used. This allows electric boilers to be up to 99% efficient, a number that isn’t possible for most fossil fuel solutions.

Electric Boilers Use Less Space
Electric boilers can be positioned most anywhere because they don’t have a flue that has to be put up through your home and they don’t have to be set near an outside wall either. The boiler also doesn’t need a fuel tank like oil or propane units do. That means you’ll save space that would be dedicated to fuel as well.

Kevin Clemmer 10-Dec-2018
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RHP Boilers Installed in Midwest Hospital

A pair of Reimers 150 psi boilers were recently started at a Midwest hospital. With a normal operating psi at 135, safety controls and design are very important. All boilers are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the A.S.M.E. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and A.S.M.E. CSD-1. Each boiler bears the National Board Stamp “S”. High quality saturated steam is produced from the carbon steel pressure vessel.

Kevin Clemmer 03-Dec-2018
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AR Steam Boilers Available at Reimers

Reimers AR Model Boilers are in production most all days. One of the more popular boilers Reimers makes, it is used in markets including dental, sanitization, humidification, food industry, laboratories, and dry cleaning. All boilers shipped will have ASME, National Board, CSD-1 approvals. Stainless cabinets are standard. Operating pressure is set under the 100 psi relief pressure. Reimers designs and builds a wide range of steam and hot water boilers. With over 110 years of making steam products Reimers is ready to meet any customer opportunity. Reimers has options to provide condensate tanks, feed water systems, blowdown tanks, staged heating controls, PE stamped stacking frames and other value added options

Kevin Clemmer 26-Nov-2018
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Certified Designs for Boiler Stands by Reimers

Reimers offers PE stamped frame designs. Often boilers are stacked to conserve floor space. This requires a frame to elevate the upper boiler. Reimers uses structural steel forms ​and high yield weld techniques to assemble frames of any size. Loading is computer analyzed to assure the boilers will be stable. The drawings are PE stamped by a licensed engineer.
At its simplest, structural engineering is the practice of ensuring our man-made structures are not compromised by the ever-relentless force of gravitational pull … or by environmental and transient loads. To accomplish this feat, engineers must analyze a complex system of members impacted by a wide array of forces, and design an effective, yet efficient, system to stabilize the structure and protect those it serves

Kevin Clemmer 19-Nov-2018
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80 KW Electric Boiler Ready for Shipment

Look to Reimers for boiler needs ranging from 1.5 KW to 750 KW. Electric steam boilers are the specialty of Reimers. With over 100 years in the business there are unprecedented design features built in every boiler. Reimers serves many markets including dental, fabric, lab medical, food, beverage, and process steam. Reimers welcomes you to call us with your need. The boiler shown is a RHC 80, producing 273 pounds of steam an hour powered by 208 to 600 volts. Reimers offers water feed pumps, condensate tanks, and upgraded control functions to meet customer demand. Customer safety is utmost with Reimers. Reimers only builds ASME and UL listed products. All boilers are suited for Canadian operation. Canadian listings through CRN registration are commonly done.

Kevin Clemmer 12-Nov-2018
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New Low Cost Blowdown Tanks

Reimers has a complete line of vented and unvented blowoff (blowdown) tanks and accessories at low prices. Boiling water causes scaling and deposits to form. The result is a less efficient boiler and increased costs. Boilers need to be intermittently or continuously flushed of a small percentage of their water. Boiler rooms need blowoff tanks to meet legal regulations and to safely dispose of hot, dirty boiler blowdown.

The treatment of boiler water is an integral part of boiler operation to control scaling, corrosion, and deposits. Boiler water treatment often leads to the formation of solid particles that are initially suspended in the boiler water. Solids concentrated in boiler water tend to promote foaming and scaling with a resultant loss of heat transfer which may result in overheating of the boiler tubes. Solids also may settle to the bottom of the boiler to form sludge. “Blowing off” part of the boiler water is a means of removing solids from the water while controlling boiler water levels.

The primary function of the blowoff system is to provide a safe means of controlling boiler blowoff water. This includes reduction in both pressure and temperature to limits acceptable for safe discharge into a sewer, drain system, or other area. The usual practice, therefore, is to discharge the water into a vented vessel where it may be allowed to cool, or mixed with cold water to reduce the temperature and pressure to acceptable discharge levels.

Discharge of high temperature water from a boiler blowoff system can present a hazard to personnel and may also damage sewers or drains. Blowoff pressure should not exceed 5 psig. Typically, the maximum acceptable water temperature for discharge into a sewer system is 140°F. Requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency, or local ordinances, may require lower temperatures.

Kevin Clemmer 05-Nov-2018
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Blowdown Tanks Easy and Economical

Reimers makes blowdown tanks to save you money. The tanks receive undesirable materials from your boiler. The boiler then operates more efficient and lasts longer. Simple and clear reasons to have a blowoff or blowdown tank? All boilers that generate steam create sediment and other harmful materials. The materials are from the water and the steam making process. No boiler is exempt. Did you know Reimers is Patent Pending on their tanks? See our webpage for details.

Kevin Clemmer 26-Oct-2018
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Reimers Electric Boilers Posts Shortest Lead Time

Electric steam and hot water boilers are what Reimers does. There is an increasing demand to be more responsive to customer needs. Often the needs include a fast delivery on nonstock items. Recently Reimers successfully completed a 1 week build and ship of a 1,024 pound per hour steam boiler. No short cuts were taken. The boiler meets UL and ASME requirements.

Kevin Clemmer 22-Oct-2018
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Reimers Electra Steam Celebrates 110 Years

Reimers Electra Steam, Inc. has been manufacturing electric boilers, electric steam generators and quality steam products since 1908. We specialize in numerous applications including: humidification, bakery ovens, garment care, steam cleaning, sterilization, comfort heating, dry cleaning, laboratories, food service, steam baths, and process steam. All boilers are built in accordance with requirements of the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code ASMECSD-1 and bear the national board stamp (CSA + CRN Available).

Kevin Clemmer 15-Oct-2018
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Electric Steam Boiler with Condensate Tank

Electric steam boilers are built daily at Reimers. The RHC shown is a 54 KW model capable of up to 100 psi , 185 pounds of steam. Electric boilers are great for economical installation. There is no need for having a fuel tank or fuel line. No exhaust stack is needed. A simple connection of electric and water/steam lines ​makes the boiler ready to operate.

Kevin Clemmer 08-Oct-2018
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Reimers Precise Boiler Assembly Means Quality

Quality assembly is daily at Reimers. Repetitive flow and training combined with documentation assure a safe working boiler in your shop. ​Testing and documentation through UL and ASME established a guide for how product is made, tested, and operated. A consistency is apparent as boilers become ready for shipment. Steam and hot water boilers are made in carbon and stainless steel options.

Kevin Clemmer 01-Oct-2018
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Blowoff and Blowdown Tank Options

When space or economic considerations are priority the Reimers Blowdown Tanks are the answer. Tanks are made in various sizes and designed to operate in any orientation. All Reimers tanks are ASME rated to equal the rating of the boiler. Some controls are optional and include automatic operation or manual. Standard components are safety valves that open on pressure rise and manual valves that close when released.

Kevin Clemmer 24-Sep-2018
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Electric Boilers Packed with Care

Extra care is given to every boiler made at Reimers, from the first part made to the finished and tested boiler resting in a crate. The photo shows a boiler being escorted on to the trailer of a commercial carrier. Boilers are built for steam or water service and tested before shipment. Normal packaging is with plastic wrap and sturdy wood crates. Smaller electric boilers may be packed in cardboard boxes to protect the exterior.

Kevin Clemmer 17-Sep-2018
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Steam Wand with Reimers Electric Boilers

Steam wands can be important tools in many business situations. Steam is great for sanitizing, cleaning, shrink wrap, purification, baking and other applications. Steam wands often are used with cleaning agents or other liquid additives that are drawn in to the steam tip to enhance application. Reimers conducted a test to help customers quantify the steaming capacity.

Kevin Clemmer 11-Sep-2018
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Reimers is Ready to Ship

Ready To Ship. ​Reimers is very aware of customer's fast delivery wishes. Electric boilers need replaced often unannounced. We understand the cost of down time. Our electric boilers are used in dental, lab, food, drug, brewery, and process heating. They come in many sizes. Put Reimers name and number on your boiler. We will be there when the call comes.

Kevin Clemmer 03-Sep-2018
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Bakery Steam Oven Using Electric Heating Boiler

Reimers Electra Steam is a manufacturer of electric steam boilers for a variety of commercial baking equipment applications, such as, proof boxes, ovens, & other food and bakery equipment. Our boilers are used by restaurants, bakeries, and other establishments that engage bakery steamers.

Kevin Clemmer 31-Aug-2018
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No Brass, No Bronze, Electric Boilers

No brass, no bronze, electric boilers from Reimers meet the customer needs for water contact. When customers need specific designs, Reimers has the ability to provide an electric boiler to meet the need. In this case the customer wanted no contact with their water to be by brass or bronze components. Reimers has options in stainless and carbon steel piping, shells, and components.

Kevin Clemmer 27-Aug-2018
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Reimers Electric Boilers meets Prop 65 Safe Materials Act

Proposition 65, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act is a list of substances known to the State of CA to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. Items going in to CA must comply and be verified to the receiver within CA. Reimers Boilers do no contain items on the list. Care is given to use materials and procedures that provide the safest product to customers.

Kevin C;emmer 13-Aug-2018
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ASME Audit at Reimers Electric Boilers

Reimers​ recently hosted a quarterly audit to review records, procedures, and designs. This a reoccurring event to assure safety in the marketplace. Reimers has done well with audits by focusing on details of the code requirements. The end result is a quality electric steam boiler leading to a satisfied repeat customer that drives Reimers business.

Kevin Clemmer 05-Aug-2018
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Reimers Electric Boiler Service

Value added service help is no charge with Reimers electric boiler purchases. The team at Reimers is available to talk with you while you are at the boiler site or back at your shop. Just call us, or email or website. When options are exhausted the boiler may be returned, with prior approval, to the Reimers test lab for review by technicians and engineers. Most problems can be diagnosed, parts replaced, and the boiler returned promptly.

Kevin Clemmer 30-Jul-2018
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Double Stack Electric Steam Boilers

Do you have limited floor space? Do you need electric generated steam or hot water? At Reimers we do both and can build special configurations to fit in your facility. The electric boiler package shown has a common condenste tank and individual feed pumps. The separator is shared too.

Kevin Clemmer 22-Jul-2018
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Electric Boilers for Steam Sterilization

Steam boilers are prominent in dental and laboratory offices. Sterilization is mandatory. Small, quiet operation and easy to operate models are Reimers specialty. ASME and UL certified models are ready for shipment.

Kevin Clemmer 15-Jul-2018
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Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Reimers Electric Boilers

UL helps companies like Reimers Electric Boilers demonstrate safety, confirm compliance, enhance sustainability, manage transparency, deliver quality and performance, strengthen security, protect brand reputation, build workplace excellence, and advance societal wellbeing. Some of the services offered by UL include: inspection, advisory services, education and training, testing, auditing and analytics, certification software solutions, and marketing claim verification. Safety is critical to professional businesses, private operations, and commercial enterprises.

Kevin Clemmer 08-Jul-2018
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Reimers is your Brewhouse Boiler Maker

When you think brew and distilling Reimers has a boiler for your business. Reimers is very well situated to provide hot water and steam to small and midsized facilities, start-up businesses and expansions. Reimers has electric boilers that are great for bench operations and lab work. The advantage of a Reimers boiler is cheaper and faster installation, simple and quick boiler training, and less maintenance than conventional gas and fuel fired boilers.

Kevin Clemmer 24-Jun-2018
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Reimers Builds Large and Small Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are made at Reimers with output ratings of under 1.5 KW to multi-hundred KW. If you have a steam or hot water need we have a boiler to match it. Electric boilers serve the dental, medical, clothing, steam tunnel, parts cleaning, and sterilization markets. Reimers is very competitive and makes the best quality equipment available. Inspectors and insurance people are put at ease when they look at Reimers labels and plates attached to every boiler. Safety and product experience drive our long lasting design.

Kevin Clemmer 25-Jun-2018
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Reimers Electric Boiler Model RH80

Electric boilers are every day at Reimers. You will not find a better looking higher quality crafted electric boiler in the market. The RH80 in the photo is a 480 volt auto controlled boiler with built in safety features certified by Underwriters Laboratory and constructed to ASME code.

Kevin Clemmer 18-Jun-2018
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Reimers has Electric Boiler Parts

Electric heating elements for boilers are no stress for Reimers. A large inventory is always available for use in production boilers or for replacement parts for field boilers. A wide range of voltages and watt ratings allow fast shipment.

Kevin Clemmer 11-Jun-2018
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Electric Boiler Package with Condensate Tank

Versatile manufacturing options offer customers the ability to order packaged boilers. Reimers makes electric boilers and has endless options to make your steam or water need routine. The featured boiler is an electric steam unit with condensate tank factory assembled on a common base.

Kevin Clemmer 04-Jun-2018
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Portable Boiler

Don't have a boiler because you need one that's mobile? Reimers can help you with that. We can do it quickly and efficiently. At Reimers we specialize in electric boilers, and making daily business easier for customers. .

Kevin Clemmer 28-May-2018
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Patented Blowdown Tank Systems from Reimers

Reimers has developed a new tank and control system to receive boiler blowoff. The design is safer and less cost to install than a traditional vented tank system. The concept is being reviewed by the USPTO for patentability. A horizontal and vertical option is available to mate with Reimers boilers as well as other boiler brands. The quiet and contained operation allows safer operator interaction and lower cost to install and maintain.

Kevin Clemmer 20-May-2018
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Reimers Electric Boilers in Brewing Industry Part 2

Reimers was showing their boilers at the Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville TN last week. Reimers takes the industry seriously. A Reimers boiler is a great product for craft brewery operations. Electric boilers have no burners to service, and no gas or diesel fuel lines and filters to maintain.. Electric boilers are highly efficient, all power is released in to the water. What amount of heat do you lose going up gas and diesel chimneys?

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Reimers Electric Boilers in Brewing Industry Part 1

A Craft Brewers Conference was held in Nashville TN. Reimers has a great product for brewery use. A small boiler was set up to generate steam. In the background on a high definition screen a 3D movie was cycling displaying the new RT Boiler. Electric boilers offer fast setup, require no venting, and can be paired with a closed blow down tank to increase safety and convenience when servicing the boiler. Our next website article will report on customer interactions at the show.

Kevin Clemmer 07-May-2018
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Reimers Electric Steam JR Boiler Reviewed

Reimers designs and produces electric steam boilers, steam cleaners, and hot water boilers. Long life and quality construction lead the list of comments from customers and service staff.

Kevin Clemmer 16-Apr-2018
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Advanced Interactive BACnet Control on Reimers Boilers

Reimers Electra Steam, Inc. offers a new smart electric hot water boiler controller.
Customers get maximum flexibility in controlling and monitoring the electrical boiler  heating load and all other operating parameters. In addition, offers remote monitoring 
of the complete heat storage system, comprising of boiler, circulator pump and heat storage tank. All  three components of the heat storage system can be controlled and monitored from one single  point, which makes this system ideally suited for electric load control in the emerging smart grid.

Kevin Clemmer 09-Apr-2018
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RHP 120 Electric Steam Boiler

Reimers is preparing a skid packaged electric steam boiler for shipment. The rated input is 120 KW by electric heating elements. The boiler may operate to 150 psi with 420 lbs hour steam. Conveniently matched to the boiler is a steam separation blowdown tank and condensate return tank and pump.

Kevin Clemmer 02-Apr-2018
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Video Help with Reimers Boilers

Reimers has help and educational videos on the internet. Enter "Reimers boilers" in your search window and select VIDEOS as the category. A host of videos are available for viewing. Be sure to seek additional information within Reimers website too. www.reimersinc.com

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Steam Quality Testing at Reimers

Rust in a boiler is common. Steam being used for food and health products needs to be as pure as possible. Reimers has taken on this task in the engineering department to find ways to deliver cleaner boilers to customers. The rust battle does not end when the boiler leaves Reimers.

Kevin Clemmer 17-Mar-2018
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Reimers Electric Steam Boiler Nearing Departure

This Reimers electric steam boiler in Model RHC 60 offers features and performance. Tight formed corners, smooth welds, and colorful contrasts make the Reimers boiler an attractive addition to any facility. ASME code boilers are standard at Reimers. Electric input ratings are available in single and three phase and up to 600 volts. Reimers is firmly established with over 100 years of design and fabrication experience.

Kevin Clemmer 12-Mar-2018
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Electric Boiler Heating Elements

Electric heating elements are one of the most crucial components in an electric boiler system. Replacing your heating element properly can save money, time, and undesired safety issues. The best way is get a Reimers replacement element that fits your boiler. Reimers staff can quickly determine the part number and have one or more in route within hours.

Kevin Clemmer 05-Mar-2018
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Stacked Boilers by Reimers Saves Space

Reimers builds frame mounted boilers with condensate tanks to allow stacking of boilers to save space. The boilers have an "M" stamp and meet ASME requirements. These boilers are often used in dry cleaning, breweries, shrink tunnels, laboratories, food service, and process heating applications.

Kevin Clemmer 25-Feb-2018
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Reimers Product Development and Testing

Reimers is relocating their boiler testing and development function to a new larger area of the production plant. Reimers has a growing product offering to meet the always changing customer applications. Safety and fabrication codes are highly important at Reimers. Being able to service the customers and comply to codes positioned Reimers to expand and relocate their testing and development area.

Kevin Clemmer 18-Feb-2018
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Reimers Condensate Tanks

Condensate tanks are used to reduce boiler operating costs. Some ways costs are reduced include saving on make-up water, reducing chemicals that must be added to stabilize the system, lowering the demand to operate heating elements and burners, and reducing the discharge water headed to sewage treatment.

Kevin Clemmer 12-Feb-2018
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Reimers Electric Water Heaters

Reimers Electra Steam designs and manufacturers hot water systems as well as steam boilers. Hot water designs have many uses that can be adapted to customer needs. Electric heating is highly efficient and requires minimal service to operate reliably. Look to Reimers for your hot water and steam applications.

Kevin Clemmer 05-Feb-2018
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Reimers is Proud of Their Electric Boilers

Reimers introduces new look to boiler control panel. An attention drawing red label highlights the formal black surface of the boiler control panel. Reimers electric boilers will now be able to be recognized from a long distance.

Kevin Clemmer 19-Jan-2018
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Reimers Electra Steam Takes Safety Beyond Requirements

To bring the best performance and safety factors to their customers Reimers Electra Steam performs additional testing beyond UL requirements. In the pictured panel box thermocouples are being mounted to confirm temperature rise during peak output.

Kevin Clemmer 15-Dec-2017
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Reimers Electra Steam and ASHRAE

Reimers gladly reaches out to many organizations for guidance and product improvement of their electric boilers. ASHRAE is just one example utilized. This world wide organization monitors performance, testing and other standards in a progressive industry. Products are improved by incorporating new trends and designs of equipment.

Kevin Clemmer 11-Dec-2017
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ASME is for Your Safety

Safety is for everyone. ASME is to protect customers from experiencing unsafe operation which leads to disaster in the boiler room. Reimers designs and fabricates to meet the code. Proper components are used that meet code. Redundant measures are taken to assure the boilers operate properly and should a problem occur the design will fail safely.

Kevin Clemmer 05-Dec-2017
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Low Cost Reimers Blowdown Tank

A low cost Blowdown Tank design fabricated by Reimers Electra Steam saves significant cost for installers and customers. Options for low profile and vertical tanks meet any boiler size. The Reimers design is patent pending.

Kevin Clemmer 27-Nov-2017
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Steam Clean and Sanitize with Reimers

Steam Clean and Sanitize with Reimers electric boilers. Boilers and accessory equipment are offered in a range of sizes and pressures. Reimers boilers meet the needs of customers all over.

Kevin Clemmer 13-Nov-2017
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Reimers Boilers is Great Customer Service

Reimers Electric Boilers includes great customer service to make the buying and servicing function easy. Understanding boilers and electric powered energy systems is not everyone's expertise.

Kevin Clemmer 06-Nov-2017
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Electric Boiler Advantages Over Gas and Diesel

Electric Boilers have advantages over traditional gas and diesel fired boilers. Some of which are no chimney, no potential soot or smoke, faster installation, and possibly greatest of all higher energy transfer efficiency.

Kevin Clemmer 27-Oct-2017
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Reimers Heating Elements are Customer Friendly

Reimers electric boiler heating elements are designed to last longer, to minimize customer down time, and save maintenance costs. Heating elements can be made in various designs. Read on to learn how Reimers does this.

Kevin Clemmer 23-Oct-2017
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Is Your Boiler as Safe as a Reimer's Boiler

Boiler safety certification is a must in design and operation. Never buy boilers or parts that are not backed by UL. Your health and your assets may be compromised by potentially untested designs. Insurance claims may be denied.

Kevin Clemmer 12-Oct-2017
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