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Phosphating Equipment

This process, phosphate treatment, is vital for a proper finish of painted or powder coated parts. Cleaning will ensure quality appearance, adhesion (how well it sticks), and protects metal from corrosion.

The most effective way to achieve this is to clean with steam. Dry, hot and saturated steam use while introducing the phosphoric acid solution drawn through the siphoning steam wand will penetrate the pores of the metal and allow a thorough cleaning into the part. Steam phosphating minimizes energy use and water waste, speeds up and/or eliminates the drying time of the part as it is high-temperature steam.

Our high quality steam generator is ideal for any phosphating application. Our 2hp (or more if required) boiler is mounted on a portable base that can be easily maneuvered around your facility. The steam wand with 20 ft. steam and chemical siphoning hoses delivers hot steam and chemical mixture to the part for efficient cleaning and preparation.

  • Paint Preparation 
  • Metal pretreatment –zinc, stainless, etc. 
  • Phosphating 
  • Pretreatment for powder coatings

Model RB

  • Heating Power: 10 – 45KW (1 to 4.5 BHP)
  • Steam Capacity: 34-156 lbs/hr
    (15.4 – 70.8 kg/hr)
  • Operating Steam Pressure Range:
    0 – 85 PSIG (0 – 5.86 BAR)
  • Supply Voltage: 208/240/380/415/
    480/600V 3ph, 240V 1ph, 50/60Hz
Model RB Electric Steam Boiler
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