Automatic Draining of Boiler Blowdown Tanks

The easiest way to protect your boiler from internal wear is to perform frequent blowdowns. AT Reimers they design and build electric boilers and steam generators with connected tanks. The tanks require no venting. That saves money. The tanks drain their own water when it is code ready. Safety interlocks keep the boiler from doing a blowdown while the drain process happens. That is safety and money savings. Reimers controls do the blowdown after the operator leaves the facility. Its automatic. Ask about fitting the drain system to existing boilers and and competitive models. The tanks and drains are part of package systems Unvented Boiler Blowoff Equipment with boiler, feed pump, tank and drain.

Boiler blowoff is an essential part of maintenance. If not performed regularly, the dissolved solids entering the boiler with the feed water accumulate at the bottom of the pressure vessel to form sludge. Sludge reduces heating efficiency in all boilers, and sludge accumulation in electric boilers will cause the heating elements to fail prematurely.

The safest means for performing a boiler blowoff is the use of a blowoff vessel. Reimers Electra Steam, Inc. offers two types of blowoff vessels. Reimers tanks are designed, manufactured, and inspected to the ASME Code, Section VIII and comply with the National Board NB-27 document “A Guide for Blowoff Vessels”. This compliance is required by most State Boiler Laws and Statutes. Always verify Local and State requirements prior to purchase.

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