Pure Steam Generators

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Electra Steam, Inc. manufactures stainless steel electric steam boilers pure steam applications (see pure and clean steam notes at end of page). Our boilers are used by industrial, factory and commercial clients in a variety of fields.
  • Clean Steam Generator for Autoclaves
  • Medical Research, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics
  • Pure Steam Humidifier
Electric Stainless Steel boilers are ideal for clean steam generation in that they be located near the process reducing contamination introduced by steam pipi The saturated steam from our boilers can be controlled as to pressure, which vary the temperature and BTU transfer of the steam. In accordance with t A.S.M.E. Pressure Vessel Code (PEB 5.3), austenitic type stainless steel boilers may operate on deionized water having a minimum specific resistivity of 1 Megohm*cm
  • 1.5 -­‐ 120 kW (0.15 – 12 BHP) heating power
  • 100 psig (6.9bar) design pressure
  • Operating pressure range 0 – 85psig (0 – 5.8bar)
  • Boilers stackable for larger applications
  • All 316 S.S. construction
  • Pacified pressure vessel and heating elements
  • Certifications and Approvals:
    Reimers stainless steel boilers are designed and constructed to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (A.S.M.E.) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section I, PEB and PMB. Each is inspected by an independent and commissioned National Board Boiler Inspector. CRN registration is available for appropriate Canadian Provinces. All models are cULus listed with Underwriters Laboratories
Model SR 20 - SR 120
  • Heating Power: 20-­‐120kW (2-­‐12BHP)
  • Steam Capacity: 69 – 409 lbs/hr
    (31 – 185 kg/hr)
  • Operating Steam Pressure Range:
    0 – 85 PSIG (0 – 5.86 BAR)
  • Supply Voltage: 208/240/380/415/
    480/600V 3ph
Model SR40 - SR120
lbs/hr (kg/hr) (3)
Lbs (kg)
psig (bar)
Steam Outlet
SJR 1.5 5.2 (2.4) 0.15 120/240 1 75 0-85 (0 – 5.9 1/4 1.4
SAR8 8 27 (12.2) 0.8 240 1 85 0-85 (0 – 5.9 1/4 1/4
SR20 20 69 (31.3) 2.0 208/240/380/415/480/600 3 249 0-85 (0 – 5.9 1/2 1/2
SR40 40 137 (62) 4.0 208/240/380/415/480/600 3 480 (218) 0-85 (0 – 5.9) 1 3/4
SR60 60 205 (93) 6.0 208/240/380/415/480/600 3 530 (240) 0-85 (0 – 5.9) 1-1/4 1
SR80 80 273 (124) 8.0 208/240/380/415/480/600 3 610 (276) 0-85 (0 – 5.9) 1-1/4 1
SR120 120 409 (185) 12.0 208/240/380/415/480/600 3 795  (360) 0-85 (0 – 5.9) 2 1-1/4
In the operating routine the expressions pure steam as well as clean steam are used repeatedly. It is seldom clear whether the same is meant with these two expressions.
Indeed, it is not really simple to answer this question. The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines very often uses the term 'clean steam' without giving any further explanation. The steam's quality is defined by its use and its quality in turn is regulated in standards and pharmacopoeias. This means that pure steam and clean steam are the same from a pharmaceutical point of view. It was defined in the year 2006 and referred to as pure steam. The quality of this steam is defined by its condensate which must have WFI (Water for Injection) quality. This steam quality is applied for the sterilization of primary packaging material for sterile dosage forms or for the sterilization of equipment parts in contact with the product during sterile production, for example. The term 'clean steam' is quite often used with the same intention but without having its own pharmaceutical definition.
Furthermore, DIN 58950-7 defines a steam quality which is used for the sterilization of goods that are not in direct contact with the product or for the sterilization of closed containers. This steam is called sterilization steam. In contrast to the steam described in the pharmacopoeia the limit for the conductivity of the condensate has a maximum of 10 µm/cm and is above the limit of WFI. But a limit is indicated for the non-condensable gases. The USP also mentions the non-condensable gases but without any specifications. These gases can cause the occurrence of gas bubbles in areas which are difficult to access where they prevent the heating up to the temperature required for sterilization.
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