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Electric Steam Generation with SCR Control

SCR's are devices that switch the power to a boiler load to provide precise control resulting in holding tighter temperature or pressure. Other benefits are better reproducibility and consistency in the power to match demand loading.

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Vertical Electric Boiler with BacNet and SCR

Two of the current preferred options on boilers are remote management and SCR control. The former can be simple or complex. Basic or costly. Reimers has options for remote monitoring and control, but still allow site control at the boiler to over-ride. The SCR option is a way to ramp up or down power going to the vessel. Either feature contributes to cost savings at the bottom line. The photo show a Reimers steam boiler displayed at a Craft Brew and Distillers Expo.

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Upright Space Saving Electric Boiler

Costs are priority for business operators. To assist those looking to reduce floor space and open up floor space Reimers offers a Model RT Boiler. This boiler very popular in the 60 to 210 KW input is approved for US and Canada by UL cUL and ASME certification.

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Small Electric Steam Generator

Many applications exist for a small electric steam boiler or steam generator. Sterilization, heating, cleaning, shrinking, are a few. Some boilers are hidden away inside other machines, delivering steam or hot water as needed.

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Automation on Electric Steam Generators

Reimers is actively working to provide customers with safer, self monitoring, self servicing electric boilers. The boiler in the photo has a tower alarm, automatic blowdown, and condensate tank with pump. All the piping is factory assembled. Only three needs are to be met at the job site to get the boiler operational; power feed, water feed, steam outlet line.

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Stainless Steel Electric Steam Generators

Electric Stainless Steel boilers are often requested for clean steam generation. The saturated steam from electric boilers can be controlled by pressure, which vary the temperature and BTU transfer of the steam. Applications are vast, including medical and research, food, process, and cleaning.

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Electric Boilers Ready to Ship

Reimers knows that timing can make the difference when a boiler is needed. A variety of boiler assemblies are in stock ready for completion to a customer's request. Voltage is available up to 600. Input KW is from a just a few to 900 KW. Every boiler will be ASME, and cULus labeled after testing.

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Craft Brewing Electric Boiler

Reimers displayed a selection of electric boilers at the CBC (Craft Brewing Conference) in Las Vegas in April. For those looking for a cleaner approach to steam or hot water the electric boilers operate with no chimney, no fuel tank or gas supply lines. Side benefits are quieter operation, less service, infinite turndown ratio, potential energy rebates and deductions.

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Single Power Feed for Electric Boilers

Simple, cost and time saving options are used on Reimers boilers for the job sites that do not want to run a separate control power feed. As shown, a transformer can be tucked in the boiler to convert the 3 phase heating power to a lower voltage control power. Pumps and control circuits can be operated from this adaption. SCCR ratings are maintained as well.

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RV60 – RV210 Electric Steam Boiler Series 

Reimers Model RV60-RV210 Steam Boiler vertical boiler design; very low floor space requirements.

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Heat Exchanger

Works as a tankless water heater. Produces potable hot water and uses no valuable floor space. Resides inside the boiler. ASME construction.

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