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Electric Boilers in Heat Treated Crates

Reimers has capability to meet shipping requirements in to controlled areas. Heating 0f wood framing eradicates insects and larva, protecting the receiver from infestation. Heat treated wood framing and crates with certified markings can be seen on the pictured boiler staged to leave the factory. Reimers electric boilers, water heaters, and tanks can all be packaged in sterilized material.

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Electric Boilers Factory Assembled and Mounted

Saving installers time is important. Time is money. Reimers builds boilers on frames, builds frames, stacks boilers, and factory pipes tanks and pumps to the boiler. Just ask Reimers for a quote to do as much as you like prior to shipment.

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Electric Boilers Quality Details

Some would say electric boilers are all the same. Ignoring good practice in design and construction can save costs and make for lower prices in the market. The unobvious issues may not be noticed for days, weeks, or a couple years. Service issues and reliability, safety compromises with contained steam or water pressure may be closer than you think. The best answer is buy a reputation, a well made, and third party approved design. Simply buy a Reimers and get all that, over 100 years of experience is included.

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Order Your Electric Boiler Early

Plan ahead save money, save on stress, save on lost revenue. Like any product there are lead tomes for fabrication and to install. A need in October means that a plan should already be in place. It's not too late, Reimers has fast shipment available for electric boilers in many models.

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Small Steam Boiler with Options

When a small space is available for a boiler to fit the Reimers electric boiler is a great choice. It is a quiet and compact energy source with clean steam and fast recovery. Some of the options available are energy saving condensate tanks, an auto-blowdown function, easy access water probes, and options to mate with BMS systems.

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Longest Lasting Electric Boiler

When you spend money for a boiler get the best return for your investment. Not all boilers are designed equal. Look for a few key design points. Does the boiler have a blowdown port that is released by an automatic control? Does the boiler have a tank to receive the blowdown that is safe? Is the boiler made of heavy steel beyond code requirements?

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Selecting a Steam Boiler

When making choices on boiler equipment try to keep the process simple. Important factors are ease of installing, experience in manufacture, safety, and support. Read on to see where Reimers answers all of the important questions.

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Compact Steam Boilers

The Reimers compact small boiler cabinet delivers enough steam capacity for specific points of use. Spot cleaning, climatic rooms, laboratories, upholstery, hats, medical, jewelry services, and sterilizing are some uses.

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Steam Boilers or Water Boilers with BACnet

Controlling costs is more important than ever. Energy savings can be done many ways but using a BACnet compatible device on a boiler allows adaption to existing building management systems. Reimers has options for BACnet that customers can order as a built-in feature on the boiler. Steam or hot water boilers can be done this way. The level of control can be adapted to meet the customer needs.

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RV60 – RV210 Electric Steam Boiler Series 

Reimers Model RV60-RV120 Steam Boiler vertical boiler design; very low floor space requirements.

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Heat Exchanger

Works as a tankless water heater. Produces potable hot water and uses no valuable floor space. Resides inside the boiler. ASME construction.

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