Electric Powered Boilers and Hot Water Systems for Carbon Neutral

 Electric Powered Boilers and Hot Water Systems for Carbon Neutral

Reimers is set for meeting the demand of upcoming construction needs related to electric utilization.  Here is one example of legislative action moving    through.  About Reimers Electra Steam  

Building DecarbonizationStatus: Pending - Senate Governmental Organization Committee    
Date of Last Action:* 12/7/2020    
Author: Cortese (D)    
Topics: Climate Change, Climate Change - Emissions Reduction, Energy Efficiency, Fossil Energy, Fossil Energy - Natural Gas    
Summary: Prohibits a state agency from designing or constructing a state facility that is connected to the natural gas grid. Requires the State Energy    Resources Conservation and Development Commission to develop the California State Building Decarbonization Plan that will lead to the operational carbon-neutrality    of all state-owned buildings by January 1, 2035.    The people of the State of California do enact as follows:        

SECTION 1. (a) The Legislature finds and declares all of the following:    

(1) In 2016, California's buildings were responsible for directly emitting 37 million metric tons (MMt) of greenhouse gases (GHGs)

(2) A zero-emissions building code would require that buildings do not emit GHGs from onsite sources, and rely solely on clean energy.

(3) One-third of California's 2045 building stock will be built between now and 2045.

(4) New, decarbonized, all-electric buildings cost less to build to code than those requiring additional gas infrastructure.

(5) Decarbonizing new construction could seed the market for retrofitting existing buildings to become GHG-free.

(6) Over 50 cities and counties in California have considered policies to support all-electric construction, while 39 have already updated their building codes to become GHG-free.    

(b) It is the intent of the Legislature in enacting this act to compliment the anticipated actions by the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission to set a zero-emission deadline for new construction by 2025.    

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