Electric Steam Boiler and Steam Generator

Steam generation from an electric iron or electric boiler has been done with Reimers products for more than 100 years.  Reimers also builds electric powered hot water systems.  All products are using ASME and UL safety and design codes. A wide range of KW and voltage options allow field versatility for small and large projects. Steam can be used for food industries, labs, sterilization, heating, brew and wine production, and many others. Designs are made for floor space savings and are available in stacked models too, which cut floor space usage in half. Many options are available to save money. Tanks save energy, blowdown features save labor and extend the life of equipment. Some models require no operator interaction if that is right for your operation.

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RV60 – RV210 Electric Steam Boiler Series 

Reimers Model RV60-RV120 Steam Boiler vertical boiler design; very low floor space requirements.

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Heat Exchanger

Works as a tankless water heater. Produces potable hot water and uses no valuable floor space. Resides inside the boiler. ASME construction.

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