High Efficiency Low and High Pressure Boilers

High Efficiency Low and High Pressure Boilers

An electric boiler system is highly efficient thanks to the direct conversion of electricity into thermal energy that produces an almost 100% efficiency    rate.   Compared to normal boilers an electric boiler operates without using combustible fuel such as oil or gas.  Electric boilers    use electricity to generate heat for your application.  Diesel fuel and gas burners on boilers require a fuel supply line, and a tank if diesel,    propane, or heating oil is used. Diesel and gas boilers require a chimney and roof penetration to exhaust harmful CO and other emission products. Gas    burners are more expensive than fuel burners, but all require periodic maintenance and tuning. In some areas, by law, you must pay a state inspector    or independent testing agent to verify combustion emissions on a regular basis.

Electric boilers do not require tanks, fuel lines, chimneys, roof openings, or expensive combustion inspections. Reimers Electra Steam builds hot water    and steam electric boiler. Just connect electric power, pipe the outlet and return lines, and it is ready to use.

You hear about electric water heaters (hydronic) too: it is similar but not the same as an electric steam boiler.  Reimers can provide models that    heat water up to 200F or they can provide models to generate steam up to 135 psi.  Electric Hydronic Boilers      Electric Steam Boilers      

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RV60 – RV210 Electric Steam Boiler Series 

Reimers Model RV60-RV120 Steam Boiler vertical boiler design; very low floor space requirements.

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Heat Exchanger

Works as a tankless water heater. Produces potable hot water and uses no valuable floor space. Resides inside the boiler. ASME construction.

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